Emotional Stress Release classes

After taking one or more of the TFH basic classes, students can choose to take the following workshops that teach very effective techniques to release emotional stress.

Emotional Stress Release Practioner Skills (ESR)
Emotional Stress Release Practitioner Skills is a powerful training combining simple kinesiology stress release techniques with highly effective communication skills. Learn to facilitate people through difficult emotional issues far quicker and easier than you ever imagined. You will learn step-by-step coaching skills to successfully help others. This combination of neuro-emotional touch techniques with practical communication skills allows for quick and thorough resolution of emotional stress and traumas. Almost every student of this class reports that the class practices alone were equal to months or years of personal therapy for themselves. This experiential and cognitive class was originally designed for kinesiology students with zero counseling background, yet those attendees with years of experience report it’s a remarkable and very effective training for them also. Prerequisite is TFH 1 or Top Ten 1 & 2.

Emotional Repatterning
Emotional Repatterning will teach ways to identify and clear sabotage programs that may be the underlying key in why people are not making progress with their goals.  A technique will be taught that uses affirmations and the meridian systems to release long standing reactive emotions and attitudes gently and easily.  Two self-balancing techniques to release stress, the art of goal setting, and a method of identifying the priority issue or goal to work on will also be presented.   Pre-requisite is TFH 1 – 4

Miracle Workers Training
“For 30 years I have studied many complementary forms of healing, and how to develop and achieve our full human and spiritual potential. The field of kinesiology has discovered many powerful techniques in these areas, and so have other disciplines. One of the things that drew me to teach Touch For Health Kinesiology is that it is available and geared for everyone, not just specialists or professionals. In that spirit I wanted to create a program offering the most extraordinary and user friendly tools available. With the MIRACLE WORKERS TRAINING program I have pulled together the very best and most remarkable techniques I know from many disciplines, all of which are fast, effective and tailored for everyone to succeed in using them. My intention is to empower and help you to achieve your dreams and goals. Imagine how thrilled you’ll be learning these exceptional skills and achieving unbelievable and even miraculous outcomes for yourself and others.”       Larry Green  No pre-requisite for this class.