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Top Ten Pain Releasers

toptendvd copy3 DVD disc set
Top Ten Pain Releasers book and exam
7 CEs for NCBTMB licensed Massage Therapists
Cost: $100

A great introduction to the field of Kinesiology and Energy Medicine The Top Ten Pain Releasers will introduce you to a wide variety of easy-to-use and highly effective techniques for relieving stress and pain for both yourself and others. See and experience pain relief for both acute and chronic pain, back pain, neck pain, increased flexibility and range of motion, enhanced energy, and learn how easy it is to release the stress response with your fingertips.

Techniques you will learn include: Auricular massage, Meridian tracing, Neurovascular Emotional balancing, Specific Neuromuscular Reset Technique, Neurolymphatic massage, Pain Relief through music, Energy Stroking and the Brazilian Toe Massage. Quality muscle testing will be taught along with many skills from Touch for Health Kinesiology, polarity, acupressure reflexes, and energy healing.    Reviews for Top Ten DVD

Touch for Health 1 DVD Set

tfh1dvd copyTouch for Health 1
4 DVD set, Book 1 manual
and Exam
12 CEs for NCBTMB Massage Therapists
Cost $150

This four DVD set of an actual TFH 1 class can be used as an introduction to TFH or a great refresher for those who have already taken TFH 1. Taught by the two U.S. TFH Faculty members, Matthew Thie and Arlene Green, you’ll learn the TFH basic balancing system – a simple, step by step system of how to balance the body’s muscular and meridian system through muscle testing and gentle touch techniques. Can be used in conjunction with the Touch for Health: Complete Edition by Dr. John and Matthew Thie, or the TFH Book 1 by Toni Gralton .

Touch for Health 1 DVD

Personal Benefits:
* Stress and pain relief
* Learn self help skills to improve neurological organization (release dyslexic tendencies and improve mental performance)
* Enhance energy level
* Relax tight neck muscles in seconds
* Improve coordination and balance
* Identify and balance for visual stress – read or drive longer and easier
* Identify foods that support muscle/energy balance
* Balance children and pets with surrogate testing
* Improve posture through muscle balancing – strengthen weak muscles and easily release tension in tight ones
* Release stress on the physical, emotional, mental, biochemical and spiritual levels with goal specific balancing
(create positive goals and identify and release the meridian reactive patterns to achieve your greatest potential)
* Learn a step-by-step process that you can share with family, friends and clients
 What you will Learn:
* History and theory of Touch for Health (by Matthew Thie, son of founder of TFH Dr. John Thie)
* Switching on reflexes
* Central meridian check
* Auriculars
* The Art and Subtleties of Muscle Testing
* Educational / Self Responsibility model of TFH
* Muscle / Meridian correlations
* How to use the TFH book
* 14 Muscle Tests for balancing
* How to balance the 14 meridians without needles
* Spinal Reflexes
* Neurolymphatic reflexes
* Neurovascular Holding points
* Origin / Insertion
* Nutrition testing
* Cross Crawl
* Visual Inhibition