Arlene Green

arlenegreen copyArlene Green has been actively teaching Touch for Health since 1981. She has a B.S. in Health and Physical Education, graduate studies in Holistic Health and is a licensed massage and bodywork therapist (NC#854). She has over 1500 hours training in kinesiology. She brings to her classes a wealth of knowledge, clear teaching style and the ability to inspire confidence in her students. She is one of the leading instructors in Touch for Health in the U.S. and is a faculty member of the International Kinesiology College.

Arlene is one of two faculty who can certify TFH Instructors and Practitioners (Consultants) in the U.S. She has been a frequent speaker at National and International TFH Conferences and the Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology (ACEP) conferences on the Art of Muscle Testing. Arlene’s goal is to empower people to take greater control of their health and well being with a holistic approach. Arlene is the author of four books/workshops: The Top Ten Pain Releasers 1 & 2, Specific Neuromuscular and Energy Reset Technique and Emotional Repatterning.

Comments by students:

Arlene is a superb teacher. She is easy to follow, slow to deliver so you won’t miss a word, and with patience and calm, she delivers to you the best class. You will feel when you leave her class that you know how to do the techniques and feel confident to be able to use them with your clients. I highly recommend a class with Arlene.
— Kate Montgomery, ND
Touch For Health Instructor

Arlene, you definitely did not miss your calling. You are a skilled, warm, sensitive, perceptive, and talented teacher, not only for what you know, but also for knowing how to make the material gettable. Wrapping those skills inside of a huge heart and a gracious way of being make you a special gift to this planet. I feel privileged to have been a student of yours. This for me was not a course; it was a spiritual growth experience. Your presence created a bubble of safety, compassion, and acceptance in which the learning blossomed and thrived.”
— Doug H, Asheboro, NC

“If you have been exposed to the Law of Attraction (through the recent film The Secret, or other avenues) and want to super charge your ability to Ask-Believe-Receive, the tools that the Green’s have taught for decades are some of the best around to clear sub/conscious blocks and sabotages to the process. The bonus is that Larry and Arlene are engaging, witty, and authentic people that have honed their teaching skills to make anything easy to learn.”
— Alicia A, Kinesiology practitioner from Durham

“Warm, open, inviting, comfortable, excellent information and your confident, relaxed, yet very professional presentation was so supportive. Very accessible and easy to take in a big piece of information, in a short time. Your love, joy and obvious dedication to the work is very inspiring. I especially want to say thanks, and how much I support you in your attention to “setting intention”. I believe this is fundamentally important in all aspects of life, and a piece so many people just seem to have not been taught… I honor the sacredness that this focus establishes for working with people in your model.” — BS, Raleigh, NC

“Amazing….gratifying….exciting” Arlene is extremely knowledgeable and has a wonderful teaching style that helps me to grasp the concepts and remember the details. Practical and fun class.”
— DC, Miami, FL

“I have taken TFH I-III and PKP 1 as well as a few mini­ workshops. I have found Arlene’s teaching style to be very clear, professional, and friendly. I have been involved with other forms of kinesiology and have attended over a hundred seminars and workshops of the self-help type and I must say she is one of the better instructors I’ve had in any area!” — Carolyn D, Greensboro, NC