Class Descriptions

The Top Ten Pain Releasers Part 1
Top Ten Pain Releasers Part I is a fun and powerful workshop that will introduce you to a wide variety of simple and highly effective techniques for relieving stress and pain. Quality muscle testing will be taught along with many skills from Touch for Health kinesiology, polarity, acupressure reflexes, and energy healing. Techniques include auricular massage, meridian tracing, neurovascular emotional balancing, specific neuromuscular reset technique, neurolymphatic massage and the Brazilian Toe Massage. Read More

The Top Ten Pain Releasers Part 2
The Top Ten Pain Releasers Part 2  will add 7 new meridian and energy balancing techniques for stress and pain relief. They include Figure Eight Energy, Meridian Walking, Acu Point Pain Tapping, Food and Environmental Testing, Sound balancing and Gait corrections.

Top Ten RESETS for Enhancing Athletic Performance                                                                                        This course will teach a wide variety of body/mind techniques to help athletes reach their optimal performance levels. Included are Stepping Up, Mental Rehearsal 2.0, Anchor Down, Directional Eye Release, Temporal Tap, Jiggle me Joint, Psoas Release, Neurolymphatic Flush, Gait Points, and Nutrition Testing.

The Top Ten Techniques for Rapid Injury Recovery                                                                                                This class will provide 10 safe and highly effective techniques for relief of both acute and chronic muscle injuries. Learn a wide variety of innovative energy techniques that can be used to immediately get results. A great alternative to pain medications without the side effects. Techniques include: Neurovascular Reset (for emotional pain and trauma), Good vibrations (works great for back pain), Gentle Cramp Release, Muscle Testing, Specific Neuromuscular Reset, Energy Stroking, Injury Reset (to release muscle memory), Figure Eight Energy, Meridian Pain Tapping, and Inflammation First Aid.

Specific Neuromuscular Reset Technique
The Neuromuscular Reset Technique is introduced in the Top Ten workshops and has been taught to thousands of people around the world over the past 25 years. This technique identifies muscle imbalances due to overuse or injury and then resets the fibers of the muscle. Because of its effectiveness and range of applicability, this workshop was created to give therapists more in depth practice and learn various fine tunings, with additional energy skills that can be added to enhance its effectiveness even more. You’ll learn how to identify and clear the underlying emotion being held in the muscle, often a key component to lasting healing. We’ll work with TMJ, hand, feet, knee, neck/shoulder and back issues.

Touch for Health I-IV
This eight day intensive covers all the material in the TFH synthesis (TFH 1-4) and provides a solid foundation for those who are looking to gain both confidence and a higher degree of competency in the art and skill of kinesiology. This week long class provides an environment to work with a variety of people in a nurturing and peaceful setting, and will equip students with a host of valuable skills (see specifics below under each TFH class description).

Touch for Health I
Touch for Health I is for laypeople and health professionals. You will learn the art of muscle testing and the basic procedure to balance the body’s muscles and acupuncture meridians as presented in Dr. John Thie’s book, Touch for Health. Learn skills to increase your energy level, reduce stress and pain, increase mental clarity and enhance immune system function. The basic balancing system includes how to test and correct 14 muscles/meridians, including the spinal reflexes, neurolymphatic reflexes, neurovascular points, and meridians. You will also learn how to assess nutritional support for the muscles, how to effectively reduce emotional stress and pain by touch.

Touch for Health II
Touch for Health II builds on the skills taught in level 1. Learn 14 new muscle tests and additional corrections especially helpful for back pain, strengthening the core muscles, assessing the legs and neck. The Five Elements theory and Midday/Midnight law from acupuncture will be applied through a process for muscle and meridian corrections. Three self balancing techniques will be taught along with other pain control skills and short cuts to improve efficiency.

Touch for Health III
Touch for Health III goes more in depth with the application of the Five Elements Theory in balancing skills using color and emotions. You will experience how balancing with goals and emotions brings results that are much deeper and longer lasting. Another 14 additional muscles are taught, along with pain tapping, gait testing and acupressure holding points. Chronic muscle problems will be addressed by the Reactive Muscle correction that clears long-standing patterns quickly and permanently in most cases.

Touch for Health IV
Touch for Health IV This course reviews the 42 muscle balance expanding how to test all muscles both standing and laying. Learn the Tibetan Figure 8 Energy technique and also how to effectively release traumatic muscle memory through the postural stress release method. You will also be shown how to prioritize and utilize all the skills in the TFH system in an easy, practical format.

Proficiency Skills/Instructor Update
 In this two day class, students will review all the TFH 1 – 4 techniques and 42 muscle tests. This class is a pre requisite for those who wish to take the TFH advanced Training Workshop. It also is for TFH Instructors to take as an Update requirement three years after completing their advanced Training Workshop  (TW). This class can also be taken by any student who has taken through TFH 4 as a review class. Upon successful completion of the TFH Workshops & Proficiency Assessment, students can continue on to the advanced TFH Training Workshop for greater depth, advanced practice, and IKC Instructor/Consultant certification.

TFH Proficiency Skills – Extended
The extended TFH Proficiency Skills is a four day review of TFH levels 1 – 4. Pre requisite is completion of TFH 1 – 4. This class will review all content in the TFH Synthesis and review skills and theories more in depth than the two day Skills Update. Applications of the TFH skills will also be included. It can serve as the Proficiency Update, required for entrance into the TFH Training Workshop (Instructor/Consultant Training), or serve as an Update for TFH Instructor/Consultant re-certification.

Proficiency Skills Update DVD– taped live with Arlene and Wayne Topping. Can be available as a home study option which includes 75 question fill-in exam for massage CEs. (pre-requisite is TFH 1 – 4).
Touch for Health Training Workshop (Instructor/Consultant)

TFH Training Workshop – This course prepares you to become an instructor by fine tuning your TFH techniques and training you in presentation skills, marketing strategies, teaching tips and logistics. A team teaching practicum will provide a supportive first time teaching experience. The TFH curriculum is standardized worldwide and as a certified teacher you will be able to teach anywhere in the world. The TFH Training Workshop is also now one of the pre requisites to become a certified TFH Consultant (practitioner). (There are additional requirements for Consultant certification).
For more information on Instructor Training.

Emotional Repatterning
Emotional Repatterning will teach ways to identify and clear sabotage programs that may be the underlying key in why people are not making progress in their goals.  A technique will be taught that uses affirmations and the meridian systems to release long standing reactive emotions and attitudes gently and easily.  Two self-balancing techniques to release stress, the art of goal setting, and a method of identifying the priority issue or goal to work on will also be presented.

Emotional Stress Release Practioner Skills (ESR)
Emotional Stress Release Practitioner Skills is a powerful training combining simple kinesiology stress release techniques with highly effective communication skills. Learn to facilitate people through difficult emotional issues far quicker and easier than you ever imagined. You will learn step-by-step coaching skills to successfully help others. This combination of neuro-emotional touch techniques with practical communication skills allows for quick and thorough resolution of emotional stress and traumas. Almost every student of this class reports that the class practices alone were equal to months or years of personal therapy for themselves. This experiential and cognitive class was originally designed for kinesiology students with zero counseling background, yet those attendees with years of experience report it’s a remarkable and very effective training for them also.

The Ethics of Muscle Testing
The Ethics of Muscle Testing is an interactive class where we will discuss various issues specific to the use of muscle testing in kinesiology work. It will address issues pertaining to the ‘self responsibility model’ of TFH, respecting the client, hygiene, biases’ impact on reliability, clear communications, misuse of muscle testing and more.

Miracle Workers Training
“For 30 years I have studied many complementary forms of healing, and how to develop and achieve our full human and spiritual potential. The field of kinesiology has discovered many powerful techniques in these areas, and so have other disciplines. One of the things that drew me to teach Touch For Health Kinesiology is that it is available and geared for everyone, not just specialists or professionals. In that spirit I wanted to create a program offering the most extraordinary and user friendly tools available. With the MIRACLE WORKERS TRAINING program I have pulled together the very best and most remarkable techniques I know from many disciplines, all of which are fast, effective and tailored for everyone to succeed in using. My intention is to empower and help you achieve your dreams and goals. Imagine how thrilled you’ll be learning these exceptional skills and achieving unbelievable and even miraculous outcomes for yourself and others. I guarantee it” — Larry Green

Energy Medicine for Pets and Animals
Help your pets and animals with natural, easy-to-learn skills from Energy Medicine. No previous experience needed. Learn how to help pets overcome behavioral challenges and emotional issues as thousands of other people have done. Muscle testing is a great tool to assess your pet’s stresses, challenges, pain and emotional upsets. You will learn how to use surrogate testing to assess physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual issues for animals. Muscle testing can reveal both underlying issues and the most useful interventions to resolve them. This skill can make all of us animal communicators and determine what will help our furry friends be happier and healthier. BONUS- The skills in this class can be successfully applied to humans. Taking this class with a friend is fun and can make using these tools easier later on. Class is taught by Larry Green, a pioneer in the field of using Energy kinesiology with animals.

Kinesiology for Horses  Levels 1 and 2

Kinesiology for Horses 1 & 2 (currently taught as a 2 day class)  Hands-on workshops by Larry Green

Learn in level 1
• How to do energy testing (muscle testing) and how to apply it to horses. Surrogate testing will be demonstrated along with the basic principles and components essential for reliable feedback.
• Relaxing tight muscles for your horse without deep massage. Great for cramps ad sprains in humans and horses.
• A simple and quick way to release a horse’s stress.
• Make a horse happier and more willing with Flower Essences. The precautions about using aromatherapy and homeopathics with horses without proper training, and why Flower Essences are safer for beginners (and still highly effective.)
• Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) to overcome equine fears, worries and anxieties. This technique alone is worth the fee for attending.
• How to test foods and supplements for a healthier horse. Determine which foods depress or upgrade a horse’s immune system and can affect their personality and health.
• Understanding and utilizing the ‘heart fields’ between humans and horses. Recent scientific research opens a whole new field to understanding how we communicate with horses and how we can bond with them even quicker and deeper.
• Plus…many of these skills can be used for other animals and people too

Learn in level 2
• About the acupuncture system of horses: how to determine imbalances, how a horse’s acupuncture system compares to human acupuncture systems.
• How to balance a horse’s acupuncture system without needles. This could save a lot on veterinary bills!
• Ways to test and upgrade a horse’s chakras, what this can do for a horse’s health and well-being.
• Working with the aura and subtle bodies of horses.
• How ‘Goal Balancing’ can enhance the life and performance of a horse. How to figure out goals for horses.
• Resetting the three main energy systems of horses and humans.
• How to balance ‘horse and rider’ together as a team for better performance, communication and integration. How this can help ‘the team’ work more effectively together in competition, riding for fun or doing chores.
• Plus…many of these skills can be used for other animals and people too
Pre-registration required for classes. Please do not bring your horse to class without permission from the site owner.
These classes are designed to teach you skills to use on your horses so you can become the horse energy expert.