Top Ten Pain Releasers Part 1

Top Ten Pain Releasers Part 1 is a fun and powerful workshop that will introduce you to a wide variety of simple and highly effective techniques for relieving stress and pain. Techniques include auricular massage, meridian tracing, neurovascular emotional balancing, Music for Pain Relief, Specific Neuromuscular Reset technique, neurolymphatic massage and the Brazilian Toe Massage.

Personal Benefits:
• Learn how to gently release a cramp or spasm in less than 5 seconds.
• Discover the how music can relieve both stress and physical pain (especially back/hip pain) in less than 5 minutes.
• Learn how to easily activate an acupuncture meridian for immediate relief of recent surface pain.
• Experience tight neck muscles release in about 30 seconds and discover which well loved food often contributes to neck pain and tension
• Experience the Brazilian Toe Massage an excellent natural remedy for insomnia and nausea.
• Have chronic muscle or joint pain that was caused by an injury? The Specific Neuromuscular Reset Technique in a study of 211 subjects showed that over 95% of all injury related muscular/joint problems will respond positively to this technique with the average improvement being 67%.
• Experience how emotional stress can dissipate literally under your fingertips.
• Integrate 3 simple techniques to raise your energy daily.
• Learn how to muscle test others as well as how to self-test from one of the top trainers in the field of kinesiology in the U.S.

“Arlene has written a concise and delightfully accessible manual for releasing pain. It is a wonderful contribution for people searching for healthy, effective ways to help themselves or their families “
— Donna Eden, Author of Energy Medicine
“The Top Ten Pain Releasers presents safe, effective techniques to relieve pain and promote the feeling of well-being in a format that is easy to use by the novice.”
— Dr. John Thie, Founder of TFH