Testimonials from Clients

“I am enormously grateful to Arlene and Larry Green — their kinesiology work has powerfully and efficiently aided the work and personal health of my husband and myself.”
–Dr. Candace Pert, Author of Molecules of Emotions www.CandacePert.com


“The emotional changes and improvements I experienced from our sessions were immediately apparent in my ability to deal with my relationship struggles, which I tackled head on the morning after I got home. I can honestly say I feel like a different person as a result of the work we did together, and I can’t thank you enough for the time you took to work with me!” — TC, Maine


”I met Larry Green for the first time when I had a Kinesiology session with him. I had very little knowledge of Kinesiology in general or of Larry in particular. My problem was a gout attack in my knee which causes swelling and limited mobility; trying to bend the knee too far to perform basic tasks like getting into a car or putting on socks results in agony. When suffering these attacks in the past, I relied on an anti-inflammatory drug, indomethicin; however, I recently realized that the drug was causing dizzy spells and determined to stop using it. Unfortunately, the over-the-counter drugs I tried were not bringing the swelling down. On a recommendation from a friend, I had a session with Larry. It was not physical therapy as I had expected since he did not do any physical manipulation of the knee. We started with a history of the condition and I showed him the swelling – the heat and redness around the knee that indicated the condition. He had me lie down to minimize my discomfort and determined that my resting pain level was about a two but would raise to an eight or nine when I tried to bend the leg very far. He proceeded to use muscle-testing to ask me some questions, gauging both my answers and the answers my muscles were giving him. He quickly determined that the root cause of the condition was not physical at all but emotional. He helped me find the specific issue and create a mantra to counter it. We then did a series of exercises which seemed at the time innocuous but completely disconnected from my physical problem. After close to two hours, he pronounced me done and asked me about my pain level. It had dropped a little from two to one. However, when I pulled up my pant leg and looked at the knee, I was very surprised to see that the swelling was significantly reduced, by twenty to thirty percent. The range of motion had increased as well. The next day, the swelling and discomfort had lessened even further and by the second day after, were completely gone. This is at least as fast as medication had worked in the past and with no dizziness! I also felt that it gave me a better handle on the emotional issue which had increased my stress and anxiety dramatically over time. The process fascinated me and reminded me of the power of the mind/body/spirit connection and I have determined to take a class from the US Kinesiology Training Institute and learn more about the amazing tools Kinesiology offers.”  –TL, Wilson, NC


larryworking“I had a very positive experience from two brief Touch For Health sessions from Larry Green during the weekend of June 3-5, 2005.  Due to limitations from injury, and then later surgery [July 2003] for an impingement syndrome, I was having increased difficulty with my left shoulder/arm, and had begun seriously considering the possibility of seeking further surgery.During the first session, the pain subsided greatly [90%], there was immediate improvement in ability to lift increased weight directly overhead using my left arm, and there was an approx 85-90% improvement in my ability to externally rotate my left arm while keeping the elbow close to my ribs. Additionally, while I had been unable to sleep more than 3-to-4 hours a night for the previous 3 weeks due to the pain and discomfort, I slept fully and deeply that night.


During the second session, he addressed the issue of certain muscles “shutting off” when another muscle was activating, thus contributing to the weight bearing difficulty. Again, I had a strong improvement in my ability to lift weight directly overhead. During the past two weeks since the sessions, the improvements have maintained, and I can feel muscle groups that had been highly restricted in use these past several years growing in strength. It feels wonderful to be able to do “normal” movements again with greatly reduced pain and limitation! And it is a comfort to finally find a “modality” which is so highly effective! Thank you again, Larry!”
–NA, Moravian Falls, NC


“I had a very reoccurring dream in which my brother kept fighting with me and hurting me. This was a brother I do not get along with. It came up as part of a session and we cleared this. This recurring dream stopped and I have not had it for a year.”  –DF, Charlotte, NC


“After three years of constant fear of thunderstorms, I experienced calmness and peace during several storms after only one private session with Arlene. Trapped in the direct path of Raleigh’s tornado several years ago and experiencing upon impact , uncertainty as to whether or not I would live , had left me with an overwhelming feeling of fear and panic during stormy weather. Combining acupressure techniques with several personalized affirmations has renewed my sense of calmness and confidence during unsettling weather conditions. Thank you.” –MS, Raleigh, NC


“I had been suffering from migraine headaches for over a year. In the past six months they increased in intensity and frequency to the point where I was incapacitated every day or every other day. I was so tired of the pain that I felt ‘at the end of my rope.’ I was referred to you by the psychologist with whom I work. I was skeptical of success, to say the least, and at the most thought it would take ‘forever’ and probably my entire savings to see any real improvement. I was astonished, relieved and inspired by what actually did happen. After only one visit, I did not experience a ‘major’ migraine headache. My second appointment with you was almost two weeks later so, for me to go that long without the daily, painful occurrence of a headache, was amazing. The work is so positive, holistic and non-intrusive. Its helped me and given me inspiration.” –DL, Lumberton, NC


“I came to Arlene to work specifically on my anger. I would become irrationally and excessively angry over minor incidents, usually involving my 5 year old daughter. After an explosion, my head would feel odd for hours, i.e. my thinking processes were slower, it was difficult to concentrate, and I was even more potentially explosive. At the same time, I felt like I was in a fog. I also had experiences of disassociation during my explosions where part of me would be wondering why I was behaving as I was, but was unable to stop that behavior. One balance and affirmation session with Arlene and all of this stopped. I rarely got angry and when I did the anger was more appropriate and much less intense. My therapist explored anger with me for two more sessions after my work with Arlene, and we moved on to other issues. I have reviewed my list of affirmations six times or fewer, yet this improvement has continued to this day, four months later.” –SB, Durham, NC


“After one session I felt a dramatic difference in my attitude towards my mother which had been a long standing problem. I was able to resume communication with her since the painful emotions I’d been stuck in had been cleared.


One stress release session made a positive change in a chronic breathing problem I’ve had for 5 years. After trying traditional medical approaches, counseling and biofeedback, the one kinesiology session made a dramatic difference.” –KD, Raleigh, NC


“I have been self-employed for over six years and still did not like selling. I knew this skill was important and had learned a lot about it. I also had worked on changing my feelings about it. I knew that, when done with respect and concern, selling was simply offering a service that someone else might find valuable. Still, I really, really didn’t like it.


I honestly didn’t expect Larry to be able to help me with this and thought it was certainly worth a try. I was delighted to find that my final distaste for selling was completely gone at the end of just one session with Larry. I actually felt good about selling!

Now, several months later, I still enjoy selling! Wow! Thank you Larry.”

–JS, Durham, NC


I went to a wedding shortly after the class. I used the techniques I learned to help two of my sister-in-laws. One had sprained her ankle at the reception. The family was worried about getting her to the airport the next day and thinking of arranging to get her a wheelchair so she wouldn’t have to walk so much on her injured ankle. I did the technique we learned in class and my mother-n-law told me the daughter-n-law was up and walking around on it all the next day and didn’t seem to have any problems at the airport!! These techniques truly do work! 


“Please tell Larry, Lara’s first day back at school went really well for her. She thought the balance helped her a lot. Her main teacher was not there and she had the teacher she doesn’t like, but it was a great day anyway.  Thanks.”  –MW, Bermuda


“I can only say that I have the feeling that this session brought on the most subtle and refined change of heart and soul that I have ever undergone. Subtle yet definite, incomprehensible yet deeply moving: reassuring, liberating, healing.

I said the affirmations on the plane on the way over (to visit my mom I had not seen in years). The expected confrontations and challenges came from my mother and I accepted them with love and understanding! I supported her in all her feelings and found different ways of expressing my love to her. I carried absolutely no charge with regards to any of the memories and stories she dragged out — some of which went back more than 25 years!

…. More than once I put my arms around her and told her she did the very best she could have done under the circumstances; I told her she had done her best by me and that I loved her for it and forgave her for everything which she felt badly about. And we both had several good cries!

There was nothing to defend or justify or uphold or protect. I enjoyed my visit with my family more than any previous time I had ever spent with them. I had wonderful experiences with all my family and friends and experienced just how ephemeral, how illusory, are time and distance. I now only pray that my mother has likewise healed and will take to heart what I found myself saying to her on several occasions during the visit: ‘Just let it go, mom, don’t hang on to it. It only pulls you down.'”
–DS, Namibia


“I am so thankful that I had a kinesiology session with Arlene. I am in a stressful sales management position. My father is terminally ill and in the final stage of his cancer. As if this wasn’t enough stress, I then had a miscarriage (my third) and I went into overload. I couldn’t handle anything. I was so emotional, couldn’t sleep, and couldn’t keep from crying even at the office. It got to the point I couldn’t face anyone or make decisions. After one session I felt immediate results. I could talk without crying and I was very relaxed and had a calmness feeling. When I went back to the office, I was amazed at the number of people who commented on my change. They had no idea where I had been, but I want to tell everyone because it is such a successful technique.” –LT, Raleigh, NC


“I was thinking especially of Larry today without even knowing that you had sent an email. His balance was VERY POWERFUL. I balanced for Inner Knowing, and boy, has it helped. I am cured now, just getting stronger.


I am doing well. Thank you for asking. The results of the tests came back great!!! Everything had shrunk way up, but I want to make sure it completely goes…. As you may remember, they (the doctors) insisted on whole brain radiation. They gave me two doses before I had a chance to research it that weekend. The research showed it to be a horrible idea, and I stopped it and never went back. Now I have issues that were not there before. I immediately jumped on them the same way I jumped on everything else. Now it is looking great. I won’t go back for my next test for about another month when I fully expect everything to be totally out of my system. Blessings,”  –DB, Raleigh, NC

I have explored my own personal issues in many different types of therapy. The material in this course gave me chance to experience and feel an immediate reduction in stress around the issue that I was addressing. These techniques are so simple and yet so profound. I know for myself that these are the best techniques for me to effectively move forward when I feel stuck.


“As per Mom, I was with her on Monday and she was verbally positive about her speech improving. She sounded better to herself. She sounded maybe 40% better to me and was still slurring her speech some. You seemed to have programmed her attitude in the right direction. For that I’m grateful.”
–RF, Newnan, GA


“I found the misplaced notes from our first PKP session. I believe it was key for my recent energetic shift; it helped open my flood gates although God’s been working with me for a long time! I’ve been a lot happier ever since that weekend. I’ve made quiet a change from last May, when I didn’t even know what Touch For Health was!”  –RF, Newnan, GA


“Thanks so much for the information! The girls are doing fantastic. Alissa’s sensory issues have really improved. She still does cross crawl on a regular basis. We actually just saw my mom’s kinesiologist when we were in PA last week.”  –LM, Raleigh, NC


“I woke up yesterday and my right foot and ankle was almost back to normal. By yesterday afternoon, it was back to normal. And I was running around with the kids most of the day, so I didn’t take anything “to help” it get back to normal. I think it was all the work that we did.  Thanks! :)”  
–CC, Wilmington, NC


“You are the best!!! Ray has been calmer and is now eating like a little pig. He hasn’t had any swallowing problems in the last week. He appears more positive and less depressed. Sonya feels more upbeat and was happy with her session. Lisa’s spouse became calm enough to decide to schedule back surgery, so you helped with that issue.

Thanks for your generous gift for Ray. I couldn’t believe how many sabotage issues you cleared. Ray said you were able to lower his heart pressure. Thanks for taking the time to come and lecture. Everyone loved it”  –JS, Florida


“I have  good news about the balance I had….90% better now. The remaining 10 % is not bothering me at all. Thank you very much.”  –RN, India


“I had not experienced professional kinesiology prior to my work with Larry. My ‘issue’ was not a specific physical problem or discomfort…it was the desire for mental clarity, emotional balance and a feeling of groundedness. He proceeded to ask questions and muscle test for answers, then used his skills to bring a sense of balance and, I feel, unblock stuck energy patterns in my body-mind. I was truly amazed at how accurately my body reflected what was occurring in my psyche. I did feel more centered, less “heavy”, and more focused in the Here and Now after the session. Thank you Larry, for your skills, knowledge and compassion to my situation.”  –SG, Raleigh, NC


“Larry I would like to focus on my wife again and if time allows, work on my hip pain. I think you are right on track and her heart rate is down to 108 instead of 120 which is where it had been. She has gone to so many doctors in the past that she is weary of no real way to treat her illness except pills that do not work and make matters worse. She is very willing to come back for more sessions and does believe you can help her. I look forward to hearing from you.”  –DB, Raleigh, NC


“Prior to my sessions, I was experiencing chronic neck, back and sciatic pain of such severity that I was taking up to 6 Advil a day just to take the edge off. I am happy to report that I have not taken Advil in months, and I’m experiencing more energy and less pain than I have in a long time. I was also quite surprised and pleased that as a result of my sessions that my monthly PMS symptoms were greatly reduced. Needless to say, my husband is also quite pleased!”  –SM, St. Louis


“When I was having recurrent upper respiratory problems (sinus, sore throat, laryngitis) a session with Arlene cleared those symptoms and the emotional energy that was triggering them. After a kinesiology session I note increased energy, clarity of mind and a positive mindset.”
–SB, Durham, NC


My range of motion is already significantly improved. …It is so clear that this is a HUGELY valuable kind of work to support the PT and home stretches I need to do. It seems evident that at last I have found what can really be effective on so many of my physical problems. To say that I am thankful is a massive understatement…
I’d promised to update you, and again want to express my appreciation for your assistance and referral to Charley.  Warmest regards,”  –DR, Asheville, NC