Kinesiology Training – Beginner Classes

Beginner Classes 2016/2017

Here’s a list of our Beginner Classes for the next few months. You can use the search function below to find all the dates and locations for the classes you want. For class descriptions click here

07/29Chapel Hill, NCTop Ten for Athletes- Enhancing Athletic PerformanceArlene Green$110none66 CEs pending (NCBTMB)
07/30Chapel Hill, NCTop Ten Rapid Injury Recovery TechniquesArlene Green$140none77 CEs pending (NCBTMB)
08/05- 08/06Chapel Hill, NCTFH 1Arlene Green$325None1515 CEs
08/07- 08/09Chapel Hill, NCTFH 2Arlene Green$325TFH 11515 CEs
09/09Chapel Hill, NCTop Ten Pain ReleasersArlene Green$150None88 CEs
09/10Chapel Hill, NCTop Ten Pain Releasers part 2Arlene Green$140Top Ten p.177 CEs
09/17Chapel Hill, NCSpecific Neuromuscular Reset TechniqueArlene Green$150none88 CEs
10/7 - 10/15Chapel Hill, NCTFH 1 - 4Arlene Green$1250none6060 CEs
11/10Chapel Hill, NCTop Ten Pain ReleasersArlene Green$150none88 CEs
11/17-19Chapel Hill, NCTFH 1Arlene Green$325none15 15 CEs
12/2Chapel Hill, NCTop Ten Pain ReleasersArlene Green$150none88 CEs
12/3Chapel Hill, NCTop Ten Pain Releasers 2Arlene Green$140Top Ten 177 CEs

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**Top Ten for Athletes 1 & 2 – Enhancing Athletic Performance and Rapid Injury Recovery

**Touch for Health 1 – 4 Intensive Retreat

**Top Ten Pain Releasers


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After registering online, please send in your non refundable check/ deposit through the mail noting which class you are registering for. For 8 hour classes please send in $50, for 15 hour classes send in $100, for the Touch for Health 1 – 4 or Advanced Training Intensives send a $300 non refundable deposit. Mail to: U.S. Kinesiology Training Institute, 7121 New Light Trail, Chapel Hill, NC 27516. Please make checks payable to the instructor.

Refund Policy: Deposits are refundable with more than a month’s notice. Within one month of class and up to 7 days prior to class, deposits are transferable. Within one week of class, deposits and class fees are non refundable and non transferable.

Most classes include a manual and certificate with the price.

*Credits/CE hours are approved for continuing education for Massage Therapists (through NCBTMB and Florida Massage Board), for Nurses (California Board of Nursing) and Acupuncturists (NCCAOM). The U.S. Kinesiology Training Institute is an approved provider for continuing education through the National Certification Board of Massage and Bodywork Therapists (NCBTMB), and through the TFHKA who is an approved provider for NCCAOM and California Board of Nursing.