Advanced Home Study Classes

proficiencyTouch for Health Proficiency Skills Review 10 CEs
 The Touch for Health Proficiency Skills Review is a taped live class that will help you to fine tune your knowledge of techniques, theories, skills and muscle tests from TFH 1 – 4 using TFH Book 1 and 2.
Taught by two of the TFH IKC Faculty members who have a combined experience of over 60 years of teaching Touch for Health, you will have the opportunity to learn from the convenience of your home with this five DVD set.
Touch for Health Proficiency Skills Review 10 CEs
Cost: $200 includes 5 DVDs, exam & 10 CEs
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Touch for Health Proficiency Skills (without Home Study)
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Cost: $150 – includes 5 DVDs

Advanced Kinesiology Workshop with Drs. Sheldon Deal & Walter Schmitt 12 CEs

For practitioners of kinesiology who’ve taken at least basic kinesiology training, learn from two of the leading Applied Kinesiology chiropractors presenting a wide range of advanced kinesiology techniques and cutting edge health information in a 13 hour workshop. Some of the many techniques include: AK shortcuts, multiple causes of switching, heavy metal toxicity, balancing allergies and addictions, color healing, sound healing, adrenal reversal, dreams and hypnosis, doubling the potency of vitamins, correcting etheric leaks, neurological basis of muscle testing, tooth pain relief, sleep issues, injury recall, the neurology of pain and techniques for pain relief, and so much more!
7 DVD set with Dr. Sheldon Deal and Dr. Walter Schmitt
Cost: $350 (includes 7 DVDs, manual, 25 pages handouts, 12 CEs)