Reviews for the Top Ten DVD

Hi Arlene,
I was VERY impressed with the content and clarity of the Top Ten Pain Releasers DVD. I had a chance to try Specific Neuromuscular Release with my wife to great effect… I used it on her chronic shoulder injury. The pain reduced to a ‘1’ from an ‘8’. That was 2 weeks ago, despite engaging in rigorous exercise that normally irritates the injury. This injury was 2 years old, which makes this a pretty big deal!
I’ve recently had TFH-1, and found the content to greatly aid what I learned there.
I was so impressed with the instruction on the Pain Releasers DVD that I felt compelled to get the TFH-1 DVD despite having had the class recently.


This stuff is particularly impressive when compared to the far more painful trigger point therapy I’d been trying to use for years previous to learning TFH and The Top Ten Pain Releasers. I now rarely dig to that degree, and rarely work directly on the sore muscles’ (or the synergists’) ‘knots’. I also get far more dramatic results that hold far longer. — Kerry, Michigan

“Great DVD! I’ve experienced good results already from using the techniques, especially the ear massage, neuromuscular reset, and energy stroking. I’ve learned in past about muscle testing and other energy healing techniques, but your way of explaining it was really helpful…..I think my other teachers have skipped over some basics.” — Naomi H.

“I am so glad I watched your Top 10 DVD! It was amazing. You are, as I have always told you, one of the best teachers I’ve ever had the privilege to study under.” –Sandy Smith, former director of Massage School, TFH Instructor

“You did such a great job of presenting a lot of material! Loved this class and am really interested in studying TFH now.” — Rita S.

“I LOVE the DVD!!!! It is so well done….It totally reconnected us to this beautiful, gentle and yet so powerful healing art…made me realize how much I had missed it … (having taken it years ago).
It was like coming home again. Right after I got the DVD I did the test, enjoying every second of it. I had such a strong, heartfelt feeling of gratitude toward you… “ — Danielle V., Massage Therapist

“It felt like I was in the class! Visually it was esthetically pleasant to watch (the ambience and even your red jacket!) The video mostly stayed focus on you which made it easier to focus and follow you.
You put a lot of learning and practical work into this all day workshop; very clear, well organized, very real and fun. I liked that you gave us ways to work/test on ourselves.” — Frances K.

“I feel the Neuromuscular Reset Technique will be a major help to me as an add on tool to my Bowen Therapy Work and also to other Therapy Practitioners. I believe this could be the next best thing since Sliced Bread. Normally we do not mix other Therapy Modalities when we are doing Bowen Therapy but I have used the Neuromuscular Reset Technique on two of my Bowen Clients with very good results. One client had a wrist problem occasionally his right wrist would lock up like a trigger finger, he is a jazz guitarist. The look on is face said it all after I did the reset technique for the first time, he said his right wrist was now better than his left wrist, no pain whatsoever. So I will be integrating this with my Bowen therapy where needed.”
–Michael H., England

“I was amazed by The Top Ten Pain Releasers DVD. Some of the techniques are almost too hard to believe, yet the instructor includes numerous convincing success stories from her own experience. Several techniques I immediately found to be surprisingly effective on myself. And I can’t wait to try out some of the other techniques the next time someone I know is in pain.

This DVD is a great introduction to Touch for Health classes. In fact, I wish I had taken this Top Ten class (or watched this DVD) before my first level of Touch for Health. This DVD covers most basics of Touch for Health Level One in a simplified and easy way for anyone (emphasis on ‘anyone’, like children, etc.) to start applying immediately. Even better, it also covers some ideas and techniques beyond the Touch for Health class that I took.

I don’t see how anyone who watches this DVD wouldn’t be amazed with the power of these techniques. So simple and easy that children use it and do it. So powerful that they relieve issues that challenge the medical system. And with no risk of harm. Even better, almost all the techniques require only 2 to 5 minutes to apply.

I believe anyone who watches this DVD will be hungry for more. Just like me. They will realize that these little-known techniques actually work! They will see how easy it is for them to truly help the people around them.

At the very least, if you’ve got a friend or relative in pain, give them this DVD right away.” –Michael G., Gloucester, Virginia

I don’t where to start… so much to say… well.. i know. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Incredible techniques, tips, simplicity… my life has been a hurricane this past 3 months.. and now I definitely will be working with a more athlete oriented clientele… so the pain releasers… and relaxing (Brazilian toe) are more than enough for really effective results… I need these physical, down to earth tools.

And I also want to tell one testimonial of myself… I was with high fever, feeling sore all over my body and used the music technique you suggested. Well, at the end my energy was much more clear, like when you wash dirty glasses… actually I could breath better… cause I had bronchitis as well … and the fever was almost gone.. I was feeling only warm. — Eduardo S. – Brazil

After attending your TFH 1 – 4 class, on the drive I popped in the Top 10 Pain Releasers DVD, and loved it…. kept me awake on the ride and learned a lot, really great video, thanks!

As soon as I got home after a straight 13 hour drive, I used the music technique. The achy feeling in my back went to 0 !!!!

Here’s the more amazing part of the story though… Every day I wake up my lower back aches, this has been going on for decades. The last 4 days in a row, no aches, holy tomolies!!!!!

Yesterday, I had dinner with my parents, both in their 80’s and not healthy. My father had lots of vertebras out, discs, and one of his hips, his pain was a 4. I did the music technique on him, and it went to a 3. Here’s where it gets really interesting… his vertebrae, discs, and hips were not showing weak!!!! All of them in the lower lumbar area.

Then I did the music to my mother, her back was a ‘6’ pain, hurting a lot. After one 7 minute music technique, the pain went to 0 !!!! Again… holy cow!!! After another hour it was still at zero.

Now my parents are drinking more water thanks to you….

My fathers neck couldn’t turn to the right for decades, plus he’s blind in one eye. Told him to rub his ears a lot. His range of motion was greater after he rubbed ears. Needless, to say, amazing… Top 10 Pain Releasers is a big hit with me. My family is dumbfounded. I’m really glad I took the course! Amazing results, years of pain, and weakness in my body and in my families.

Thanks again and again and again for your class and how you taught it…. I “got” it. — C. Frank, Florida