Instructor Training

If you have completed Touch For Health I-IV with a certified instructor you can become a Touch For Health teacher. (See full requirements).
In the TFH Training Workshop (Instructor Training) future teachers review the TFH curriculum and techniques while receiving training in presentation skills, marketing strategies, teaching tips and more.
Touch For Health has a curriculum that is standardized worldwide. The International Kinesiology College in Australia oversees the training of TFH teachers around the globe. Arlene Green is one of two American faculty of the (IKC) college that trains TFH instructors in the US. As a certified TFH instructor you can go anywhere in the world and teach TFH.
Certified instructors are able to offer Continuing Education hours (CEs) to massage therapists, nurses and acupuncturists in most states around the country.
TFH-instructor-class copy
Certified instructors become part of the National Touch For Health Kinesiology Association which provides class manuals for each level of TFH, prints certificates for your students, keeps a database of who has taken classes, offers a website with your name and contact information ( and referrals to people who call their 800 number.
Teaching Touch For Health is fun! Students are usually excited to learn these new skills that can improve their life and the lives of others. If you have a health oriented business practice, teaching TFH can potentially bring new clients and provide current clients an opportunity to learn skills for themselves and their families.