About Balancing

muscletesting3Balancing is the term that we refer to when a person has a Touch for Health (TFH) session. There is no such thing as a TFH treatment. What we are doing is balancing the body’s energies to release blockages in the energy pathways known as meridians.
Meridians are the specific pathways that carry the electromagnetic energy that surround and innervate the body. They are named after common organs as there is a relationship between meridians and specific organ functions. Meridians were first discovered in the acupuncture system approximately 5,000 years ago by the Chinese and have been mapped thermatically, electronically and radioactively by modern technological methods. In a balance we use touch and energy reflexes, no needles, while working with the acupuncture meridian system.


NLWhen a person is under stress (physically, mentally, emotionally, biochemically, electromagnetically, etc.) then the body’s meridian system goes out of balance. What this means is that the normally fluid flow of energy between the various meridians develop areas of congestion (excess) and depletion (deficiency). This will show up immediately upon manual muscle testing due to the relationship of specific muscles to meridians. Over time the person will notice symptoms that may manifest in their energy level, posture, performance, physical and emotional states, with long term imbalances affecting the organ functions themselves. Essentially stress and subsequent imbalances in the meridian system has the effect to impede the body’s innate healing ability.


The balancing work is done in the context of setting goals. We identify how the person wants to feel different and put that into a positive goal. When a person is “balanced” the areas of imbalance are identified through specific muscle testing and then corrected by any number of simple reflex techniques. These techniques may include light touch, tracing a meridian, specific movement, the use of color, sound or an affirmation to name but a few possibilities. With each goal an emotion is identified, as the emotion behind the issue is often what holds the energy of the imbalance. Having the person think about what the emotion means to them in relation to their goal while the corrective procedure is being done is often the key in releasing long standing problems. Once energy imbalances and reactive responses that the body has adapted to cope with stress have been relieved, the person can function to their true potential – more fully on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels.