Testimonials from Touch for Health students:

I found the TFH Synthesis with Arlene to be a fantastic experience. Not only did I learn a magnificent system of natural healing, but I felt wonderful after all the balancing practice! My husband and I had been trying to conceive our second child for 7 months prior to attending the training. I set a goal around this during a couple of the practices in class. The week after I got back from the training, I became pregnant with my now 3 year old son Brian. Since then I have balanced other women who have also become pregnant within a short time of their balance. You just never know what your body can do if you give it the help it needs to heal itself.”
— VR, Holly Springs, NC


 “Since taking Touch For Health (TFH) I’ve been able to reduce my family’s health care costs considerably” –CH, Raleigh, NC

I wanted to share a success story with you— the other day I did a balance on a woman who since 1972 had chronic neck, mid back, lumbar and sacral pain. I  did a fourteen muscle balance, two reactor/reactive muscle groups, and just two trigger points on gluteus medius. After the session she had just minor pain in the sacrum, but with in a half hour all the pain vanished…..45 years of chronic pain gone! several days later- yesterday I checked in with her and she is still pain free….. she and I are super pleased.   My hip that you balanced is still in perfect pain free working order- thank you very much.  — Peter Bullock, WA


 “My wife wanted me to learn this. Being a nurse practitioner I thought if would be interesting but I am thoroughly impressed and surprised by how effective I have found these skills to be for me personally. For example, I’ve been trying to lose weight without success for the last two years, and within one month of balancing for the goal of losing weight in class, I have lost 15 lbs.”
–MS, Orlando, FL


 “ I’m having fun using TFH, but I think my wife is hoping I’ll calm down sometime soon. I always seem to be working on her. I did something that worked better than I hoped. I did a time of day balance on my 5 year old son before he went to bed using a goal of breathing easily during the night. He has a cough that seems to start up around bedtime. He started coughing intermittently before the balance. I did the pretests and checked for over-energy. I have not heard him cough since and it has been four nights now.


 The whole reactive theory has helped my wife and myself. We sit scrunched over a computer all day and poor posture has created imbalance. It took some experimentation but we found the trapezius muscles out of synch. Thanks again!” –JS, Naples, FL


 “After the Touch For Health balance in class, my mom’s jaw is still feeling 98% better than it did before she went. Thanks.”  –MS, Charlotte, NC


 “Touch for Health level I was my first exposure to a method where increased health can be made through touch. I had no idea that I could be involved or a direct participant when I came to my first class. I had had two major surgeries; one on my knee and my gall bladder removed. As a result of these surgeries, I was told by my doctors to take medicine for pain as well as medicine to sleep. TFH has liberated me from the sleep medication and has also helped me with pain so I now take half the amount I used to need.” –CM, Chapel Hill, NC


 “The Figure Eight Energy technique from TFH IV was amazing! After doing the figure eight I felt very clear, both my vision and my thinking, released a tension or pressure between my eyes, and cleared out a mental fuzziness I had had since my daughter’s birth with anesthesia four years ago.” –LM, Winston-Salem, NC


 “My husband frequently suffers from chronic immobilizing lower back pain. One afternoon he had arrived home in such a convoluted state, that he was unable to get out of the car. I had to call upon a neighbor to help get him out. His pain had been so paralyzing that we had to pull him on a sled on his hands and knees to the house, where he proceeded to crawl upstairs on all fours. He collapsed on the rug. I did a TFH balance on him with the help of my daughter and within 20 minutes my husband was able to get up off the floor unassisted and walk around and then up the stairs. He slept well that night and got up and went to work the next day.” –LM, NH


 “Am loving using the new info it has been a wonderful addition to my work. I am even using it on my 72 year old mother who up to this point has only chosen drugs and doctors, that is a miracle to me.” –CS, Atlanta, GA


 “After taking a TFH 1 class I worked on my mom. She has had swelling in her feet, legs, hand and under her eyes. She has headaches, severe lower back pain and overall muscle pain. She’s been missing a lot of work because any movement causes her pain and she has difficulty sleeping. After doing the balance on her she slept for 6 hours straight, the swelling went down by at least 1/2 in her hands and feet and completely gone under her eyes. The muscles pain went from a level 7 to 3 and her lower back pain from a 9 to a 1.This happened overnight and so far has lasted 11 days.”
DO, Beckly, WV


“After coming back from a TFH 1 class I did the 14 muscle balance on my father who is a scientist. He really believed that all of this was power of suggestion. So I did a balance, but I didn’t ask him first what was wrong. As I went through the basic balance he was amazed that I kept going to places on his body that were sore. He told me afterwards that he had had a chronic backache and especially for the last three days. He told me the next day that he couldn’t get over that I did so few things yet he had the best night sleep he’d had in a long time and his backache was gone.”
–CS, Charlotte, NC


 “This stuff is great. Every American should know how to help themselves with these techniques.”
–AD, Peace Corp volunteer


 “The energy kinesiology I’m doing is the bomb!! I did several TFH techniques to a client recently – a 14 muscle balance, pulses to find meridians plus pain tapping for knees, and reactive muscles in his legs. I was so pleased to be able to do all these things and it really helped him. Hope you are having lots of successes!” –SS, director of massage school, Cateret, NC


 “I study math and chemistry and am quite possibly the biggest skeptic as far as non-physical ideas but this has opened my eyes.” –JJ, student


 “First of all, thank you for a great class this weekend! It far exceeded my expectations!  Secondly, you said to write to you and let you know of our experiences in using TFH….. well, here’s mine.
Last night, my 10 year old daughter was VERY grumpy and fighting with my other daughter. I decided to do a balance on her right then and there. There was a HUGE change in her attitude, and we had a great family evening together. This morning she had really, really bad stomach pain (she has always had bowel/bladder issues – more about it below). My intuition said to keep her home and work on her, so I did. She took a warm bath, drank lots of water, but all morning she was unable to have a bowel movement. So I decided to do a goal balance, and we decided on “I have healthy bowels that move well.” I did the first 14 muscle balance and then started on the goal balance. We had to stop the goal balance *twice* to allow her to take a bathroom break, with bowel movements both times! As you say – this stuff might really work!


 Abby is so much happier this afternoon, and is a believer in TFH now! She wants me to goal balance her again tomorrow. Hey, if a daily goal balance for her bowels will eliminate the need for medication (miralax – and no, no pun intended in that sentence), then I am all for it!
Thank you – TFH is a wonderful gift you have given to us!”  –LI, Atlanta, GA


 “Very effective, easy to learn, looking forward to the next class” –AB, medical assistant


 “At a TFH Instructor class years ago I witnessed what would have been hard to believe had I not seen it with my own eyes. The teacher was asking for a volunteer so he could demonstrate a technique of reactive muscles. He asked for someone with a chronic muscle problem. An older gentleman volunteered and explained he had been in a parachuting accident during World War II some 43 years prior. As a result he had only 45% range of motion in his neck to the right and barely 20% range of motion to the left. The instructor explain the technique then did one reactive set of muscles on the guy. It took less than a minute to do the correction and then the instructor asked him to move his neck. To everyone’s amazement he could turn his head in both directions all the way to his shoulders. Full range of motion in less than a minute after having such restriction for 43 years; there wasn’t a dry eye in the class.” — AB, OH


 “I entered the class extremely skeptical of the ability to effect the body by using energy – now I firmly believe that this works.”  –BB, land surveyor


 “This was an eye opening, convincing experience!”  –CB, occupational therapist
 “I took this course with no previous related background and it opened up new possibilities in how I can contribute to the well-being of those I love.”  –GL, systems analyst


“I had a persistent pain in the left side of my neck that often shot down through my arm and into my back. I was taking Arlene’s TFH class and she was demonstrating the Reactive Muscle technique and I was the demonstration model. As Arlene was working with this technique on me, a car accident I had a child over 25 years ago flashed in my mind. The results of this technique were immediate! The pain has been eliminated and I have great flexibility in my neck!’
–JW, Carrboro, NC


“I had tickets to see a major league baseball game on the hottest, muggiest day of the year. The weather report expected 98 degrees with 98 percent humidity. Usually hot and humid weather makes me very irritable and uncomfortable. Arlene did a TFH balance on me with the goal of being comfortable all through the day despite the weather. It worked! I enjoyed the game and being out in the sun all afternoon without the usual irritability or discomfort. What amazed me even more is that the same easeful feeling lasted all summer. I could not have imagined such a change was possible. Now at the beginning of each summer I get a ‘booster’ balance for successfully handling the hot and humid weather. I have been using this successfully for eleven years.”
–LG, Chapel Hill, NC


“Excellent content: both useful and advantageous for personal and professional growth.”
–TS, social worker


 “I’ve experienced too many miracles with TFH to be passive about it all. And I’ve had a couple of them happen to me. Did I tell you about David in the TFH1 class who after his first 14 muscle balance increased the range of motion of his shoulder joint about 90 degrees? Boy was he excited about TFH! He couldn’t stop smiling if he wanted!


 Val did a color balanced on me to be joyful & enthusiastic and attract uplifting & fulfilling outcomes to my expectations. I had a business meeting yesterday and it turned out well. In January, we had a blow up because we couldn’t work together. Yesterday’s brainstorming session was a breeze and very enjoyable. I’m sure that’s because of being balanced over the last couple months.
I balanced my Mom yesterday and as a result, she was walking more upright and her gait improved.
The alarm point balance I did on my 87 year old Mom last weekend is holding. She even said today that her speech had improved, and I agree. Just so you know, she’s had many acupuncture and Brimhall treatments to address that issue without it being resolved. Last of those was in May. We’re making better progress with TFH and the healing services at church. Will keep it up!”
–RF, Newnan, GA


 “It is exciting to use alternative methods of healing. Especially ones that happen easily and quickly.” –GD, chiropractic assistant


 My 7 year old daughter said to my 3 year old son, “Isaac, are you getting sick?” Isaac said, “no cause Mom’s gonna balance me”. –JM, Raleigh, NC


 “I have gotten some interesting results with using Touch for Health. One of my clients wants me to use it every time and then do a massage. She says that she has never felt better. I might add that it has helped her become clear on some emotional issues in her life as well.” –PS, Myrtle Beach, SC


 “I am amazed at how life change can happen in such a short weekend.” –KH, paralegal


 “There’s just too much happening right now. I’m studying for my massage exam, and taking care of my mom, and testing kids at school non stop!! One thing I wanted to tell you about is that I’m going into all the classes and teaching them the cross crawl, hook up, and lots of other things you taught me. I call it “get in gear” and have a list of exercises to do 2xs a day, each lasting no more than 5 min. I’m hoping this will help the kids learn and/or retain information. I still have a couple of balances to do …TFH sure helped me learn the meridians, 5 elements and muscles for the test.!”
–DB, Hillsborough, NC


 “Touch For Health is a must for holistic professionals” –CB, registered nurse


 “I was taking Touch for Health 4 when I had the following experience:
I woke during the night with pain in my right knee for no reason that I could think of. Naturally, I did not have any pain medication – not that I would take it anyway since I had recently learned some TFH pain relief techniques. So, I proceeded to try the spindle cell technique: one, way then the other – no relief. So, then I thought to trace the involved meridian: one way, then the other – no relief. Then frustration set in. Luckily I was staying at one end of the lodge away from the others so I didn’t have to be quiet. I began to talk about the pain. I end up in bed, crying after repeating loudly again and again that “It hurts”. I thought about the occasions where I’ve experienced pain, where I’ve hidden the pain and carried on, not receiving any help or sympathy. After some time, I noticed that the pain was gone – not better, but completely gone. I also felt such relief and slept well until morning. Although, it wasn’t a text book Sound Balance, it was proof to me that sound with the accompanying release of emotion relieved the pain.” –MW, Bermuda


 “Thank you so very much for such a wonderful class. I walked away inspired and determined to learn more about the techniques you taught. It was one of the best classes I’ve attended, so I thank you. I will be seeing you for more of your classes for certain. Blessings”
–JH, Ocean Isle Beach, NC


 “I have a client that I did a five element balance on who had shoulder pain, when I finished he was completely pain free. He was so impressed that he had no pain what so ever.”   –PR, FL


 “Hi Larry,
I am pleased to inform you that I accomplished my goal. Namely, cleaning of my bathroom, as I stated I would do, on Monday, Feb. 28. I guess I had some kind of mental block. I have a large bathroom and something that I had been putting off doing. Thanks for the goal setting suggestion. I’m looking forward to the second class in TFH. See you then.” –PL, Wrightsville Beach, NC


 “I’m glad I took the training. I used F/O holding this afternoon with an 86-year-old client who has previously not been interested in the Touch For Health, but today was feeling really nauseated. It helped a lot and she was very happy. After that, she asked me to take her out in the wheelchair to look at the fall colors — it was the first time she had been outside in 2 weeks.”
–KW, Durham, NC


 “I did Touch For Health balance on an elderly neighbor who had been having multiple irregular heart beats daily for months. Since the balance months ago she has not had one single irregular heart beat.”  –RS, Charlotte, NC


 “Earlier this year, I took Touch for Health I and II. At the end of the class, Arlene performed a demonstration with me for chronic shoulder pain (tendonitis) that I had. This involved muscle testing me to determine what meridian was involved with my shoulder pain. It was determined that it was my gall bladder meridian and in the demonstration, Arlene performed meridian walking and had me hold the painful area of my shoulder while she performed the meridian walk. Arlene walked the meridian midway up the calf before and then the pain disappeared completely. The pain did come back somewhat, however within about 1 month after this very quick procedure, the pain in my shoulder left and has never come back!” –DB, Raleigh, NC


 “Touch For Health- a must learn technique that can help transform the world in a positive way.”
–KC, insurance sales


 “Touch For Health made a believer out of me.” –TC, massage therapist


“You asked me if the correction for my stuck spot had held and I said ” for the most part” well I’ve tested it out several times since then and I am happy to report that the restriction is gone… completely…for good…what was left was still my fear of going into that position. It’s nice to be free of the fear too. I think of you often and wish I could be studying with you every week. “
— RV, Massage Therapist


“The Alarm point balance I did on my 87 yr. Mom last weekend is holding. She even said today that her speech had improved, and I agree. Just so you know, she’s had many acupuncture and Brimhall treatments to address that issue without it being resolved. Last of those was in May. We’re making better progress with TFH and the healing services at church. Will keep it up!” —  RF, Atlanta, GA


“Arlene and Larry are great teachers who really know their stuff! The 8-day Touch for Health course left me feeling energized and inspired. Arlene taught at a steady and relaxed pace providing heaps of supervision and guidance. Arlene’s clarity, focus, and her wide variety of teaching aids and entertaining anecdotes helped me learn and retain the information easily. The Touch for Health system is really powerful and effective and is a “must have” for health practitioners everywhere.


 I benefited in so many ways from taking the TFH course. The cumulative effect of daily balancing raised my energy levels and spirits considerably. But, the best thing for me is that as a result of a TFH reactive muscle correction and time of day priority balance, I no longer have poor posture (sway back) which I developed four years ago after pregnancy/C-section. Also the pain that was localized around my lumbosacral/psoas/ileocaecal area has disappeared. I feel that the right side of my body is no longer dominant and that the left side is more active making exercise, walking and dancing so much easier and comfortable now. I feel in balance and 10 years younger. Thank you!
— With love, KW, Chapel Hill


 “TFH is my passion these days; it is miraculous work. Have worked with a woman twice in the past two weeks. Nerve damage in leg due to medical mess up; constant pain for over a year. When she walked out of my office last night — no pain! And she could walk without her cane; she waved it in the air going down the driveway. These things happen frequently. I am just love sharing this work; I want to balance the world.” —   SS, Massage Therapist


 “Hello Arlene, Happy New Year! .. I have been really been enjoying Touch For Health. I have been using it to keep friends and family healthy.
We have been very busy here with the farm and house, but I love having this tool of TFH. I have a friend that was having black outs and sciatic pain. She had driven to the emergency room 3 times for it. I worked on her and after one session it was gone. 5 months later no recurring symptoms.


My mother has major nerve damage. About 10 years ago she was in a major car accident and broke her neck. I did a session with her and increased the ROM in her neck, decreased pain in her upper back and increased nerve sensations. She had limited sensations in her back and fingers. She said that afterward it felt like ants were running up and down her back, and her fingers were tingling.


My dad came for a visit to my farm. It is a 5 hour drive. He said that on the drive his vision began to blur. He has had small problems with this in the past, but never this bad. He could not read road signs and missed a number of turns. He was concerned about the drive back, so I balanced him. Since, he has not had any more blurring of his vision. He said that his vision was sharper…. Thank you again!” –Krystal C., Illinois