Testimonials from Emotional Repatterning students:

“After three years of constant fear of thunderstorms, I experienced calmness and peace during several storms after only one private session with Arlene. Trapped in the direct path of Raleigh’s tornado several years ago and experiencing upon impact , uncertainty as to whether or not I would live , had left me with an overwhelming feeling of fear and panic during stormy weather. Combining acupressure techniques with several personalized affirmations has renewed my sense of calmness and confidence during unsettling weather conditions. Thank you.”  –MS, Raleigh, NC


I came to Arlene to work specifically on my anger. I would become irrationally and excessively angry over minor incidents, usually involving my 5 year old daughter. After an explosion, my head would feel odd for hours, i.e. my thinking processes were slower, it was difficult to concentrate, and I was even more potentially explosive. At the same time, I felt like I was in a fog. I also had experiences of disassociation during my explosions where part of me would be wondering why I was behaving as I was, but was unable to stop that behavior. One balance and affirmation session with Arlene and all of this stopped. I rarely got angry and when I did the anger was more appropriate and much less intense. My therapist explored anger with me for two more sessions after my work with Arlene, and we moved on to other issues. I have reviewed my list of affirmations six times or fewer, yet this improvement has continued to this day, four months later.” –SB, Durham, NC

“After one session I felt a dramatic difference in my attitude towards my mother which had been a long standing problem. I was able to resume communication with her since the painful emotions I’d been stuck in had been cleared. 

 One stress release session made a positive change in a chronic breathing problem I’ve had for5 years. After trying traditional medical approaches, counseling and biofeedback, the one kinesiology session made a dramatic difference.”   –KD, Raleigh, NC


“I can only say that I have the feeling that this treatment brought on the most subtle and refined change of heart and soul that I have ever undergone. Subtle yet definite, incomprehensible yet deeply moving: reassuring, liberating, healing.
 I said the affirmations on the plane on the way over (to visit my mom I had not seen in years). The expected confrontations and challenges came from my mother and I accepted them with love and understanding! I supported her in all her feelings and found different ways of expressing my love to her. I carried absolutely no charge with regards to any of the memories and stories she dragged out — some of which went back more than 25 years!
 …. More than once I put my arms around her and told her she did the very best she could have done under the circumstances; I told her she had done her best by me and that I loved her for it and forgave her for everything which she felt badly about. And we both had several good cries!
 There was nothing to defend or justify or uphold or protect. I enjoyed my visit with my family more than any previous time I had ever spent with them. I had wonderful experiences with all my family and friends and experienced just how ephemeral, how illusory, are time and distance. I now only pray that my mother has likewise healed and will take to heart what I found myself saying to her on several occasions during the visit: ‘Just let it go, mom, don’t hang on to it. It only pulls you down.” —DS, Namibia


“I just had to write a note of thank you for offering the Emotional Repatterning class. I spent 3 hrs. last night doing an Affirmation/Sabotage balance on someone. She had made a doctor’s appt. for today for anxiety that she was having in her life. It was an amazing session, to witness the change in her facial expressions and her voice, and she kept thanking me and thanking me. The change was immediate. Before the session she thought her only hope was Prozac or Zoloft or something like that.
 As a follow up the girl that I balanced the other day about the anxiety, came into where I work yesterday afternoon with an incredible thank you card and a bonsai plant with tears in her eyes just wanting to thank me again. She said she feels that for the first time in such a long time she can get through the hours without the feelings of doom and gloom. This is all still so incredible to me to be able to make such a difference for someone, and to see the change in their facial expressions and voice. I asked her if she still kept her doctor’s appt. (as I wanted her to do what she felt she needed to – because like I told her – I do not diagnose, etc.) and she said she didn’t, because something “has changed”.
   The first week I came back I did the Affirmation/Sabotage balance on a lady whose son was getting married the following Saturday. She was stressed about the wedding. That was another amazing session. Her son came up to me at the rehearsal dinner and thanked me over and over for what I did for his Mom. He had never seen her so relaxed. She was floating on air at the wedding and had tears in her eyes, thanking me. The emotion that came up with the sabotage was “panic” . So I just had to report to you and thank you for holding that class. It was the missing puzzle piece for me. I just find that this is such a powerful thing . I am in awe with it all .
 The lady I balanced for her son’s wedding refers to me as a miracle worker (a title which I am not sure how to respond to). I am seeing her again tonight, and she called me telling me she has 5 of her friends wanting me to work on them, one being a lady who keeps getting anxiety attacks when she thinks about her daughter’s wedding in August.
 I just had to pass these testimonials on to you, just to let you know how thankful I am to you for having offered that class, and to let you know that what you teach is being put into use . . . and making a difference in peoples lives. That two-day class changed my life as well as I was able to work through some of my own sabotages and I feel like I am a changed person.”
— AH, New York


“I am so thankful that I had a kinesiology session with Arlene. I am in a stressful sales management position. My father is terminally ill and in the final stage of his cancer. As if this wasn’t enough stress, I then had a miscarriage (my third) and I went into overload. I couldn’t handle anything. I was so emotional, couldn’t sleep, and couldn’t keep from crying even at the office. It got to the point I couldn’t face anyone or make decisions. After one session I felt immediate results. I could talk without crying and I was very relaxed and had a calmness feeling. When I went back to the office, I was amazed at the number of people who commented on my change. They had no idea where I had been, but I want to tell everyone because it is such a successful technique.”  –LT, Raleigh, NC
ER is very powerful and I have been enjoying using this method, and find that it effectively clears childhood sabotage programs, as well as many current physical and emotional issues, easily and quickly.  This is the method I used with my grandson at 7 years of age to clear his TMJ dysfunction (no night mouth pieces for this kid!), and more recently, did an ER balance for this vision.  He’s wore glasses since he was 4 — he’s almost 9, and guess what. . .at his last visit to the eye doc about a month ago, he was told he didn’t need glasses any longer!  We have also worked together to help him keep his center and not have temper tantrums — he’s a much happier little boy.  I am very grateful to be able to do this work, especially with my family.  Thank you, Sandy, Morehead City, NC