Kinesiology: What Can It do For Me?

by Larry Green, published in Inner Change Magazine June 2005

In the 1960’s a Detroit chiropractor, Dr. George Goodheart, made a series of amazing discoveries. He was able to make spinal adjustments hold that would not last for other doctors. Dr. Goodheart could also strengthen unresponsive muscles and determined complicated nutritional needs quickly for many problems. He developed a system called Applied Kinesiology and began teaching AK to chiropractors and doctors.

At the heart of Applied Kinesiology is the tool of ‘muscle testing’. With muscle testing Dr. Goodheart was able to identify areas of the body that were overly stressed or out of balance, and then verify how to successfully correct these problems. This remarkable skill could even correctly determine information that was considered beyond conscious awareness.

What Can Kinesiology Do For Me?

Structural problems respond very well to Kinesiology. Kinesiology recognizes that muscles work in pairs and groups, and that often a problem with posture or pain needs to be corrected not at the pain site, but elsewhere. Pain can also be related to the acupuncture meridian system and is associated with congestion in the meridian flow. By working with the meridians (without needles) not only can pain be reduced or eliminated, but also other structural problems like limited range of motion can sometimes be resolved. There exist reflexes and somatic circuits originally identified by Kinesiologists that can be crucial to reset for physical ease and relief. Many long-standing physical and structural problems that have resisted responding to rehabilitation or physical therapy have been healed with Kinesiology.

Muscle testing is unparalleled in determining food allergies and sensitivities. A whole technology for identifying digestive, hormonal and organ based problems has been developed within kinesiology. We are all unique in our nutritional needs, which can change over our lifetime. Standardized diet regimens that claim everyone with a similar disorder should follow the exact same diet are often off the mark. Individualizing supplements, herbs and dietary choices geared to balance your unique nutritional, hormonal and systemic issues is a specialty of Kinesiology.

Since we are body/mind beings, addressing the emotional and mental aspects of allergies, bio-chemical imbalances, weight lose and other physical issues can be essential for success. It is not uncommon for sabotage programs or unconscious beliefs to be involved with challenges at all levels of our life.

Emotional Repatterning work from Kinesiology identifies the specific sabotages entwined within the issues where we feel ‘stuck.’

During a Kinesiology session emotional issues can transform very dramatically releasing deep stress patterns quickly.
The new field of Energy Psychology, which includes Thought Field Therapy (TFT), Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) and a host of other alphabet techniques, is an outgrowth of Kinesiology. These skills have helped tens of thousands of people with challenges from physical pain to relationship issues, self-image issues and handling grief. These ‘tapping techniques’ are light years ahead of talk therapy in terms of transforming emotional problems and changing behavior very rapidly. Some of these techniques are quite easy for lay people to learn. More advanced practitioners of these techniques go beyond just tapping by working with muscle testing to identify the detailed nuances their more challenging clients need for success.

In our current culture many school children that struggle with reading and learning challenges are labeled dyslexic or ADHD. Special exercises developed by Educational Kinesiology have dramatically changed the lives of tens of thousands of these children. With muscle testing we can determine which learning activities are causing neurological stress and subsequent ‘switching-off’ of the brain. With these Kinesiology exercises school children (and adults) can learn to ‘switch-on’ their brains to enhancing reading, thinking and learning.

Energy Work is becoming more widely accepted and used. Touch For Health Kinesiology is a system geared to teach Energy Work and kinesiology to lay people and all health professionals. One key feature of Touch For Health Kinesiology is balancing the acupuncture meridian system without using needles. Touch For Health Kinesiology teaches how to test a series of muscles to get a read out of the acupuncture meridian system. Then by activating specific yet simple energy reflexes balance can be restored to the acupuncture meridians. This can be done in relation to a wide range of goals with amazing results that anyone can perform. Touch For Health Kinesiology offers a truly holistic approach to wellness and health care that is available for all. Many families have found using these simple techniques at home has saved them thousands of dollars on their health care costs.

Besides addressing health challenges and life problems, Kinesiology has been used to enhance performance for Olympic athletes, sales reps, weekend golfers, students and many others. With Kinesiology it is possible to re-set your beliefs, attitudes and neurological patterns to enhance your life in many areas. Other modalities have begun to incorporate muscle testing as a powerful tool. Although relatively easy to learn, skillful muscle testing usually requires practice and supportive supervision in the beginning. There are important subtleties and basic procedures that can make the difference between accurate and inaccurate results.

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