Kirlian Photography

These Kirlian photographs are ‘before’ and ‘after’ pictures of students receiving a Touch For Health Kinesiology balance. 

student1Kirlian photography amplifies a person’s bio-electrical field and applies that image to film. Discovered by a Russian scientist in the 1950’s, this process uses a special photographic plate which the finger tips touch. In photographs using tree leaves with this process, a corona is seen around the leaf. If a small section of the leaf is torn off, the full aura is still present for a period of time and then slowly shrinks at the area torn away…

student2These pictures are the finger tips of students in a Touch For Health Level I class. The brighter and stronger the color, the stronger the health of the system. We took pictures of some students before and after they had their meridian systems ‘balanced’ using the techniques taught in the Touch For Health level 1 class.

The photographs are courtesy of Gerry Parsons. You can reach him at his website