Testimonials from Students Who Took the Top Ten Pain Releasers

“Hello Ms. Arlene, I just wanted to give you a bit more info…I have been doing better than before I started your class. I had pain in my left heel and we used the pain tapping technique on the meridian associated with that area. My pain when I started was an 8 ….always there dull, numbing, difficult to deal with. After technique it went down to a 2/3 and seemed to remain at a 2. I then tried the music therapy technique later at home, with the baroque music and that took my heel pain away completely! I no longer feel numbing or tingling…in fact I don’t use ice anymore either….now my work routine hasn’t changed and I am still wearing good shoes but before your classes the constant pain in my heel was difficult to deal with. So to close I thank you for your time and effort and the knowledge you gave us to learn and heal our clients and ourselves! I have been using the new techniques with my clients and have found great results as well! Thank you.”  — S. C. Hanna, GA


  “After a year of foot pain my podiatrist recommended surgery. During one of the TFH classes on pain control (Top Ten for Pain) the specific neuromuscular reset technique was used on my foot. After 20 minutes of using this technique my foot quit hurting. I’ve not had any problem with my foot since then and happily do not need surgery.”   –BW, Raleigh


“I so enjoyed the workshop with you. The demonstration on me toward the end was a real eye opener.
 I have been widowed for about 20 months and have an 8 year old. I feel like lately I have been always “on”. I don’t know how to explain that better but when you are responsible for it ALL both emotionally, financially, physically, and so and so on, that is how I currently am coping. Instead of shutting down, I am rising up.


 The energy experience was pretty dramatic for me. It felt/sounded (it was a whole body/mind/spirit experience for me) like you were running up all the keys on the piano…I even heard “music” as you did it…there is more to say/express about all that but…it is quite hard to explain this in words, as you well know.


 So thank for again for a wonderful workshop and some personal “ah ha” moments as well.”
— TM, Director of massage therapy program and Professor of Nursing, La Plata, MD


“My wrist and hand are doing very well.


 I am pain free most of the time. There have been a couple of times that over use has affected me – with some pain. I have spoken to a few of my friends that I think would love your class. I have directed then to your website. I am thinking of reviewing sometime this year. I am very pleased with the results of your work on me.”   — MW, Massage Therapist


“I came home and immediately incorporated techniques into my typical bodywork session; I wanted to use it right away – not delay. Have built on it every week in some way – though not doing a full TFH session. Mostly muscle release technique before doing deeper work, and the same before putting on the table if they have a specific ache or pain. Very valuable and nice results with clients ( did it the first week on 24 out of 27 clients. Not to mention the benefit of a more relaxed body of my own!”
— JH, Winston-Salem, NC


“The Top Ten Pain Releasers class was by far the best recent value for my CEU dollar! I’m currently utilizing several of the techniques with my Hospice and Day Spa client base.”
— CS, Blowing Rock, NC


I absolutely loved the class on the top 10. I have been using many of the techniques on my patients and well as myself. This class is a must for people like me who need more self care. These principles are fast and easy to perform and I have incorporated many of them into my daily self care plan which I jump started after you class. I continue to work on my left knee as well as other aches and pains and get great results. My goal for this class was to learn new techniques to help my patients experience a better quality of life. I had no idea how much these techniques would benefit my own well being. Many Blessings to you and Larry for all that you do….. Jan… P.S. My ALS patient responds very well to the Brazilian Toe Massage and request it weekly. YEAH!!!


“Due to my busy work schedule and still attending massage therapy school, I will have to wait on participating in the upcoming courses this year. However, when I do graduate and obtain licensure you can be certain that I will take additional training under your direction in this amazing modality!! I thoroughly enjoyed the Top Ten Pain Releasers course, and learned so much. I’m actually applying some the techniques in my practical sessions required for school with wonderful results – so, yes…I’m hooked on your work!” — VB, Concord, NC


“ I tried to use the music technique for my gall bladder when I had pain and it worked very well. It was amazing. Now whenever I can do it I do it.” — LZ


My wrist and hand are doing very well.  I am pain free most of the time. I have spoken to a few of my friends that I think would love your class. I have directed then to your website. I am thinking of reviewing sometime this year. I am very pleased with the results of your work. Are you still taking private clients or just teaching?” — MF, FL


 “This course was a lot of fun. The easy to learn techniques are immediately evident as to their effectiveness.”  –AH, Asheville, NC


“Surprising and amazing how easy it is to relieve pain and tension in the body with these techniques.” — LC, Durham, NC


“I liked the entire course. Gave me tools to use that I did not have before. A wonderful workshop, well worth my time and money!” — MM, Colorado Springs, CO


 “Hi Larry,

 I just wanted to thank you for the class I attended – Top Ten Pain Releasers. First it was amazing how much info I received in the class. You learn so much in one day.

 I went to a wedding shortly after the class. I used the techniques I learned to help two of my sister-in-laws. One had sprained her ankle at the reception. The family was worried about getting her to the airport the next day and thinking of arranging to get her a wheelchair so she wouldn’t have to walk so much on her injured ankle. I did the technique we learned in class and my mother-n-law told me the daughter-n-law was up and walking around on it all the next day and didn’t seem to have any problems at the airport!! My other sister-n-law had been having shoulder problems for a long time. My niece was going to massage her shoulder and I said how about letting me try some things I learned in a class to see if it would help. She let me and I worked on the shoulder, down the arm, down the hip, over the shoulder and down the front of her body, remembering what you told us in class about checking all around the main problem area.. She said it felt good as I was doing it. My mother-n-law said to me a couple of weeks later, what did you do to heal Christine? Whatever you did, her problem is gone! This was such good news to me as these were my first two attempts of using the techniques on someone other than myself! I was so happy to see how well it worked (and so glad my mother in law shared with me the success of this!). These techniques truly do work!
 Thank you so much for teaching and sharing these classes. They have changed my life and made a difference for me and for my family. I am looking forward to taking the touch for health classes next.
 God Bless! “  –TK, Raleigh


“I love the neuromuscular reset technique! Right after learning it in your Pain Releasers class, I was talking to a friend who has had a knee problem for a while, following a rafting incident. (She works on the river). She had complained that walking up hills was very uncomfortable for her, and had been considering knee surgery. I did the neuromuscular reset technique with her, and for a few weeks, she was free from the strong discomfort she had been feeling. It made a very noticeable difference for her. I’ve also used it on my husband when he’s had muscle related injuries, and find it to be very effective. Thanks for the wonderful tool!” –CJW, Asheville, N.C.


 “I used Arlene’s “Specific Neuromuscular Reset Technique” on another student in class in an attempt to alleviate intense pain and lack of mobility in her right shoulder, neck and upper arm. Though this was the first time I’d ever applied this technique, it worked like a charm, and it made me feel really good to see her be able to move her arm and shoulder almost unrestrictedly, with only a little pain at their farthest reaches! Its quite amazing how such simple techniques can achieve such great results.”
— JA, Raleigh


 “Since taking TFH I’ve been able to reduce my family’s health care costs considerably”
–CH, Raleigh, NC

Testimonials from people who purchased the DVD of the Top Ten Pain class