TFH Instructor Requirements

How to Become a TFH Instructor

Pre requisites to become a TFH instructor

  1. The first requirement is to complete the TFH 1 – 4 training.
  2. Next you’ll need to have 20 case studies, which are basically 5 outside practices written up for each level of TFH. We recommend a variety of people but you can use subjects twice if needed. See form in the back of Book 1 (Balance Record sheet). We suggest a variety of balances- Fix as you go, Wheel balances, Five Elements, Color balances and using all 42 muscles for at least five of them.
  3. To best prepare you to take the (Instructor) Training Workshop and pass the pre exam, there is a two day Proficiency Skills Workshop given by the TFH faculty usually four or five times a year in different locations that will help you fine tune your TFH 1-4 skills.
  4. You can then take the Pre exam, a written and practical open book exam (60 multiple choice questions). Arrangements for that are made with one of the faculty members and can be taken at the end of the Proficiency Skills update. Fee for pre exam is $50.
  5. The Instructor Training Workshop (Advanced Training Workshop) is a minimum 60 hour training that will equip you with the necessary skills to teach TFH, and receive an international certification. There are written, oral and practical exams during the training for competency assessment.
  6. Once you complete/pass your TFH Training Workshop (ITW), you will need to have a contract, resume on file at the TFH Assn. office and pay yearly membership dues.


How to maintain Certification as an Instructor

  1. Once you complete all the above requirements and become a TFH instructor, you will be certified for three years. At the end of your third year (or before) you will need to complete a two day Instructor Update/Proficiency Skills class.
  2. After your first Instructor Update class, and if you are teaching a minimum of 15 students in the next three year period and maintaining your membership, you will have the option of taking either other approved classes for Update credit*, or attendance at two TFH Annual Conferences as a way to recertify. If you have not taught 15 students then you will need to recertify with the two day Proficiency Skills Update again.
  3. Instructors who do not recertify within a five year period will have to recertify with a full ITW (at half price) instead of just a two day update.

* For a detailed listing of classes and credits approved for Instructor Re-certification click here