CALLING ALL ATHLETES (Also Coaches, Trainers, Parents of Athletes, etc.)

The Top Ten RESETs for Enhancing Athletic Performance

Saturday, July 29  (9 am – 5 pm) –  $125

The full course will be offered for the first time in Chapel Hill, NC –  Discover 10 innovative and practical techniques and exercises that can be implemented into your workouts quickly and easily to take your athletic performance to a whole new level.

RESET: Reflex Energy Systems and Exercise Techniques include:
Stepping Up
Mental Rehearsal 2.0
Anchor Down
Temporal Tap
Directional Eye Release
Psoas Release
NL Flush
Self Test/Foods

The Top Ten Techniques for Rapid Injury Recovery

Sunday, July 30 – (8:45 am – 5:45 pm) –  $150

Learn a wide variety of natural, hands-on techniques to reduce and alleviate pain. These safe and highly effective skills will not only reduce symptoms but in many cases will address the cause of muscle pain and soreness.

Neurovascular balance
Good vibrations
Cramp Release
Muscle Testing
Specific Neuromuscular Reset Technique
Energy Stroking
Figure Eights
Injury Reset
Meridian Pain Tapping
Acute Injury Relief

RESET: for Athletic Excellence and Rapid Injury Recovery

Arlene Green will be speaking at the National Touch for Health Kinesiology Annual Conference in Kansas City, Mo. as well as teaching a pre conference Proficiency Skills workshop, July 10 – 15.

She will introduce a new program to bring these energy kinesiology techniques into athletics. RESET: for Athletic Excellence and Rapid Injury Recovery will introduce the Top Ten (Resets) Reflex Energy Systems and Exercise Techniques to enhance athletic performance and provide safe, effective hands-on skills for rapid pain relief from athletic injuries. These skills can be taught to athletes of all ages and skill levels.