Advanced Kinesiology Skills Workshop

7 DVD set with Dr. Sheldon Deal and Dr. Walter Schmitt

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For practitioners of kinesiology who’ve taken at least basic kinesiology training, learn from two of the leading Applied Kinesiology chiropractors presenting a wide range of advanced kinesiology techniques and interesting health information in a 14 hour workshop. Some of the many techniques include: AK shortcuts, multiple causes of switching, heavy metal toxicity, balancing allergies and addictions, color healing, sound healing, adrenal reversal, dreams and hypnosis, doubling the potency of vitamins, correcting etheric leaks, neurological basis of  muscle testing, tooth pain relief, sleep issues, injury recall, the neurology of pain and techniques for pain relief, and so much more!

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Cost $325.00 plus S/H


The Top Ten Pain Releasers on DVD

Self Help Techniques for Relieving Stress and Pain
with Arlene Green (3 DVD set)

toptendvd copyA  masterful collection of ten simple and effective, hands-on self help techniques that address a wide variety of pain and stress issues with extraordinary results. Learn the basics of quality Muscle Testing, self testing and Ten proven methods for relieving stress and pain literally at your fingertips.

Cost $69.95 plus  S/H

Top Ten Pain Releasers Book

1. Auricular Massage for tight neck muscles.
2. Hydration – its importance and how to check for it.
3. Release Muscle Cramps in 5 seconds or less.
4. Stress and Pain Relief through Music.
5. Meridian Massage for overall health.
6. Specific Neuromuscular Reset for chronic and acute muscle injuries.
7. Energy Stroking for pain relief.
8. Neurolymphatic Massage for energy and muscle relaxation.
9. Neurovascular Balance for emotional stress relief.
10.Brazilian Toe Massage for deep relaxation, insomnia and nausea.

Arlene has written a concise and delightfully accessible manual for releasing pain. It is a wonderful contribution for people searching for healthy, effective ways to help themselves or their families “
— Donna Eden, Author of Energy Medicine

Cost $13.00 plus  S/H

Touch for Health 1 DVD

tfh1dvd copyThis 4 DVD set covers the first level of Touch for Health and is taught by two of the leading instructors in the field of TFH, Matthew Thie and Arlene Green.

You’ll learn a simple step-by-step system of how to balance the body’s muscular and meridian energy system through muscle testing and gentle touch techniques.

Discover the muscle/ meridian correlations and how to balance them using neurolymphatic and neurovascular reflexes, meridians and origin/insertion technique.

 Also learn how to use food testing to strengthen muscles, and even learn how to balance babies and animals with surrogate testing.
Cost $100.00

TFH 42 Muscle Tests – Standing Up DVD with Arlene Green

42muscletestssu copyStep by step demonstration of testing each of the 42 muscles used in TFH 1- 4. You’ll see and hear clear explanations of starting positions, stabilization and range of motion of each muscle test. Muscles are
organized in Meridian chapters, in the order of the Wheel, for easy access.
Cost $25.00 plus  S/H

TFH 42 Muscle Tests – Lying Down DVD with Arlene Green

TFH42muscletestslay copyStep by step demonstration of testing each of the 42 muscles used in TFH 1- 4. You’ll see and hear clear explanations of starting positions, stabilization and range of motion of each muscle test. Muscles are
organized in Meridian chapters, in the order of the Wheel, for easy access.
Cost $25.00 plus  S/H

14 TFH Standing Muscle Tests Video

Watch or download the 14 standing up muscle tests used in Touch for Health. Shows the starting position, stabilization and range of testing.
Cost $5.00 download


NEW! TFH Flash Cards

flashcards copyLearn the 14 or 42 Muscle Tests and associated Meridians and Correction points with these laminated flash cards. The Muscle Testing pictures show both the starting position and ending position of the test. At the bottom of the pictures, the written description is in easy- to-learn columns for starting position, stabilization and range of the test for quick reference. Small 3″ X 5″ cards to keep in your purse for ready reference.
$20 set of 14 Muscle Tests Flash Cards w/hole punched & ring

$40 set of 42 Muscle Tests Flash Cards w/hole punched & ring



Three TFH Balancing Charts (laminated)

specify $7 each or
set of 3 for $15


TFH 1 Balancing Chart
TFH 2 Balancing Chart 


TFH 3 Balancing Chart  TFH3

Touch for Health 1 Teaching Tips

by the U.S. International Kinesiology College Faculty
TFH teachingtips copyThe four U.S. Faculty have combined their 120 years of teaching TFH experience to bring to you more background information on TFH 1 techniques and theories. Each technique includes a page with: History, Teaching Tips, Applications, Benefits, Contraindications: Dos and Don’ts, References and Bibliography. Also includes a more in depth section on Goal Setting and how to craft a goal, with several
real life examples. Charts and articles are also included in the booklet.

Cost $20.00 plus  S/H

The Living Matrix

livingmatrixThe Living Matrix is a fabulous new documentary (released May 2009) on the science behind Energy Healing. It’s a provocative and well-done film about healing and the nature of health. The Living Matrix movie reveals a whole new model for understanding and promoting wellness with evidence-based research in bioenergetic medicine. It includes inspirational and poignant vignettes from people who recovered from chronic or incurable illnesses using
energy healing methods.

 Interviews with Eric Pearl, Lynne McTaggart, Marilyn Schlitz, James Oschmann, Bruce Lipton and many other leading scientists,
researchers and leaders in alternative medicine in Europe and the U.S.
 Watch the movie trailer on
Cost $19.95 plus  S/H    Currently OUT OF STOCK

The Energy Ball

energyballUse this simple little ball that plays a tune to illustrate the concept of ‘surrogate testing’ and how electrical conduction through people can work. Lots of fun for children and adults.
Cost $7.50 plus S/H

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Pioneers of Kinesiology on DVD

pioneersdvdThis memorable DVD is taken from the historic 30th National Touch for Health conference held in Durham, NC in 2005. Dr. Goodheart, founder of Applied Kinesiology, and Dr. John Thie, founder of Touch for Health, are featured along with several other kinesiology luminaries in a lively panel discussion.

Cost $25 plus S/H